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Website Hosting
We constantly update our weekly charts and each web hosting company is independently tested for Reliability, Cost Effectiveness, Performance, Customer Service and quality of control panel. Unlike other host review sites, London web hosting company K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. remains truly independent and we absolutely do not take any advertisements from third parties. K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. website hosting services London continues to offer developers, webmasters and online businesses the most comprehensive and up-to-date hosting information available. Our team of twenty webmasters spend at least several hours per week of researching and purchasing web hosting accounts from a large variety of web hosting companies directly in order to develop top notch honest information for our readers. They are also web developers and normal users so they know exactly what our readers experience and look for. While other web hosting review sites continue to rank companies based on advertising dollars or clicks, we based it on the opinion of our twenty unique webmasters. K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. is truly a unique web hosting portal that no other website out there can match that can provide honest information to people who need web hosting.  

K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. Offers:

  • Total root privilege.*
  • Setup as many domains/sub-domains as your disk space allows.*
  • Freedom to install any software and configure your account the way you want it.
  • Every K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. has its own personal "Sendmail" so K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. customers won't get their site banned (which frequently happens to traditional shared hosting customers). AOL, Earthlink, Yahoo! and more are banning 1,000's of sites a day due to one customer on the same server SPAMing. Don't risk your site being banned and losing email! With K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. hosting you can sleep soundly knowing that your email is safe.
  • Security: In a traditional shared hosting environment, one account can access other's files when not secured properly. It is a well known fact that people can read other's passwords located in php files since they are all running under the web server's privilege, and gain access to sensitive data.
  • A K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. account (disk space, memory) is totally isolated from other K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. accounts, because each K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. account is located in its own "Virtual Environment". Other K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. accounts can not access your files nor data in the memory. You will have your own copy of apache, dns servers, database server, and user accounts. This K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. security model makes it ideal for secure credit card processing in e-commerce applications.
  • Performance guarantee: K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. utilizes virtualization technology that provides performance guarantee to your K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. account, so that no matter what other K-Max IT Professionals Ltd.s are doing, your K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. environment will continue to receive guaranteed amount of CPU, Memory and network resources.
Since K-Max IT Professionals Ltd. gives you full root access, you can set up any services, or daemons as you like, such as DNS servers, email servers, web servers, java servlet, database servers and more. Imagine having a dedicated server now with total root access at a very affordable price.

So much success factors for a web site depend on the quality of the Website Hosting provider. Reliability, loading speed, and invulnerability of a host to online threats, all make a good service offering. Evaluating any reseller website hosting plan or dedicated host's performance history is vital. We are here to help the professional webmasters to make the right choice of their next Web Host provider. We invite you to read our comprehensive reviews online, b browse the name of the Website Hosting company that is interesting to you, click and you get the comprehensive ratings and independent reviews of that company.

We are very proud to invite you to our independent web host comparisons chart online. Key decisions will stem from the choice of a review web host provider. Choose someone knowledgeable with the platforms, such as Windows and Linux, and site building programs, such as CPanel and Fantastico. We are very proud to offer our online visitors the practical and very easy to use solution how to find the best Web Hosting provider online.

Read our free web host reviews; look through our informative articles regarding Web Hosting services and web host packages. You need to gauge trust for the hosting Webmaster. He remains the essential power over the files and the goings-on at that IP address. For the optimum review of any web host, be thorough, and thus your performance standards will be met by the most suitable web host package you want.

Need to Find the Best Web Hosting Provider? No Problem, Read our Independent Reviews

Any web hosting services review depends on the basics features that host offers. Price is often a determiner, but shouldn't be the only one. Bandwidth limitations and number of domains hosted per account may make a distinction one-web host package from another at the same price.

Some levels of Website Hosting service may be full of programs or applications you need, some may have only bare-bones rack space. Keep in mind who will be doing the website administration and what their ease levels are with the provided support.

Find the best web hosting company online today! Do not compromise on features and quality web host services, as its very important. Look through different website hosting packages and decide which one is the best web hosting service for you.
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